3. Quick use (teacher)

Quick use steps (teacher)

If you don't install RainbowOne/Rainbowstar, please press here to download。

1. Log in RainbowOne/RainbowStar

2. Prepare/obtain an e-book

3. Share to groups

4. Students can read by their own or have online class

1. Log in RainbowOne/RainbowStar

  1. First select system language, and then select [Quick login] in the Login Window。
  2. Enter the school code. Press this to understand the method for obtaining the school code。
  3. Select one teacher account, and click ok at the top right corner。

2a. Preparation of an e-book

  1. Start [File Manager], press [+] to establish a new e-book, enter its name and open it after confirmation。
  2. With respect to the editing of your e-book, press this for details。

Or 2b. Application of purchased electronic textbook

  1. If your teachers and students have ordered an electronic textbook from the Open Knowledge Association Limited, you can directly use it。
  2. You can skip Step 3 and have a class directly, or student can directly read it because students have owned the electronic textbook。

Or 2c. Obtain the e-book

  1. You also can open the [Book Store] on the home screen to obtain the e-books prepared by others。
  2. Select an e-book in the book store, press [Edit] in the data screen, to automatically transmit the e-book to the workshop。
  3. You can open the e-book and modify it, or directly share the e-book with students。

3. Share to groups

  1. Please set the student group through [Users]. And the preset [1A] class of students can be directly used. Press this to understand the modification methods of the student group。
  2. Start [File Manager], press the 3-points at the right of the e-book name, and select the student group which needs the e-book。

4. Students can read by their own or have online classes

  1. After sharing, students can see e-books shared by you in [Bookshelf]。
  2. If you want to have an online class, you can press [Lesson] on the home screen. You can directly start the class through the preset 1A class. Press this to understand the class establishment method。
  3. When you entering into the classroom, students in this group can press [Lesson] on the home screen to link to your class and attend class activities。
  4. In the toolbar of classroom pattern, or when previewing the e-book in the workshop (press the 3-points button at the right of the e-book), and then press [Score table] to check student score。