3. Page column

1.Brief introduction of page column

The left page column is mainly used to manage the pages of an e-book. Based on this, you can set chapters to divide an e-book into different links and add different groups in one link. You can set the page size, background color and sequence of each page。 

  1. Chapter management
  2. Page group
  3. Page thumbnail
  4. Page setup


When you are adding a new e-book, it is default as one chapter. You can manage all chapters through the chapter button. Please note that you cannot undo any added and deleted chapters。

  1. Add a new chapter。
  2. Select the chapter。
  3. Modify the chapter title or delete any chapter。
  4. Press it to change the sequence of chapters or delete any chapter。

3. Page

Press [+] under the page column, to add a blank page and select the templates provided by the system, rapidly establish necessary pages. Therefore, you don’t need to make an e-book from zero. You also can divide pages into group as needed 。

Adjust the page sequences:

After selecting the page, press the arrow button at right, drag it to adjust the page sequences。


Page setup:

Select the page to be set, and press 3-points buttons, to display the page setup:

  1. Title:Set the page name to facilitate to find any page during reading
  2. Page size:
    Regardless of your setting, when you are reading an e-book, the system will automatically adjust the display size according to the picture size and proportion。
    1. Preset (4:3) (Horizontal or straight): Fit the use of iPad. If you set it as this, when you are reading in an equipment of 16:9, the image shall be set in the middle with black edges at two sides。
    2. A4 (1:1.4) (Horizontal or straight): It is suitable to make paper documents into an e-book. You can use it cooperating with [Continuous adding of picture files]。
    3. Wide screen (16:9): It is suitable for the setting and use of wide screen。
    4. Phone (9:16): It is suitable to most phones, and depends on different aspect ratios of different phones. And there may be a black edging in the image。
    5. Custom: The dimension of the page can be automatically set。
  3. Background color:Set the background color of this page。
  4. Reference page:Opening this setup page is deemed as the reference data page of teacher. When students are reading, they cannot see this page。
  5. Title page:For each e-book, the first page is pre-set as the title page, and you also can set any other page as the cover。
  6. Preview page of the book store:After your e-book is successfully published, it will be listed in the book store. e-books in the book store will be introduced in detail, including the preview of e-books. You can set 5 pages as preview pages. For each book, Page 2-Page 6 will be set as preview pages in book store. You also can automatically modify the setting。
  7. Press [Copy], [Clip], [Paste] and [Delete] to conduct corresponding operations。
  8. In addition to pages which are set as reference pages, the system will automatically page。

4. Page group

You can put pages into different groups. There shall be at least one group under each chapter, and the last group cannot be deleted. Please select the bookmark icon at the page column。

After selecting one group, the group setting will be displayed by pressing the right 3-points button

  1. Modify the title of a group
  2. Adjust the sequences of groups through dragging。
  3. Delete any groups. Please note that it cannot undo after being deleted。

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