6. Interaction (briefing, paging, pop-up window, transparent jump page button, transparent sound button and free drag box)

1. Briefing box

The briefing box is meant for students express their creativity, allowing them to add drawings, text, photos, and sound or video recordings in the box as they see fit. When editing an e-book, you can set which media students can use, as well as the length of recordings. You can also set the background color of the briefing box.

Students using the briefing box :

  1. After clicking the edit button in the upper right corner of the briefing box, a briefing toolbar will appear below.
  2. Electronic pen: Clicking on the bottom of the toolbar will change it into an electronic pen so that students can write or draw. Clicking on the rightmost return button will change it back into the briefing toolbar.
  3. Text: After adding a text box, students can adjust its size. After selecting, the pen, +, and – buttons will appear above. Clicking on the pen will allow you to edit the text, clicking on + and - will increase and decrease the size of the text, respectively.
  4. Photo: After adding a photo frame, students can adjust the size. Clicking the camera icon will enable the instant picture taking function, while clicking the picture icon will enable the picture selection function from the device.
  5. Sound recorder: After adding the sound recorder, clicking the record button will enable the real-time recording function.
  6. Video: After adding the camcorder, clicking the video shooting button will enable the video shooting function. 

2. Paging box

The paging box provides different pages, each of which can have different components placed in them.

  1. Display frame: Opens to show the frame.
  2. Frame color: Sets the color of the frame.
  3. Random display: When opened, the turn page button will become a random button. A page will be randomly selected whenever it is clicked.

Edit paging box:

  1. Clicking “Edit Object” will change the button below the button to green.
  2. Clicking “+” in the bottom corner will add a sub-page, and clicking the trash bin will delete the current page.
  3. Clicking on the left and right buttons will switch the pages.
  4. Each page can have different components added to it. 

3. Pop-up Window Frame

Pop-ups are often used as prompts. The teacher may choose to add prompts, but high-ability students can answer without looking at them, while low-ability students may decide to refer to them. Pop-up windows can also be used as references or to provide enrichment information. Pop-up windows are composed of two parts: the “Button” and “Pop-up Content.” You may change the appearance of the button or set the button as transparent. You can also put content into “Pop-up Content” and set the direction of the arrow.

Put content into “Pop up Content”:

  1. Select the pop-up window and click “Edit Object.”
  2. Select “Pop-up Content” and click “Edit Item” on the screen.
  3. Add and correct different components.
  4. Click “Finish.” 

4. Jump Page Button

You can set up a page link with the “Jump Page Button,” and students will jump to the specified page upon clicking on it.

5. Transparent Sound Button

RainbowOne can convert text into audio files with the audible feature provided by the device. As the system’s audio function depends on the operating system of the device, you can edit it on Windows, iOS or Android. Currently, you can only use it on iOS system. When using the system’s audio function in a text component, the pronunciation of each word may not be exactly correct, but you can still correct the words you read. You can change the following settings.

  1. Language: The selecting system will speak according to the language selected by the operating system of the device, but you can also choose other languages.
  2. Speed: The speed at which the text was read
  3. Tone: Bass to treble
  4. Read content: You can edit the content that you want read. 

6. Free drag box

When reading, students can move the drag box freely. Unlike drag-and-drop, a free drag box has no standard answers and does not have any attributes.

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