1. Bookstore and Bookshelf

1.Differences between Bookstore and Bookshelf

  1. Bookstore is a public place for purchasing e-books or e-textbooks. Bookstore includes e-books published by publishers or individuals, as well as e-books provided by teachers. Some e-books are free to use and can even be edited depending on the prices and authorizations set by the publisher at the time of publication.
  2. Bookshelf stored all the e-books that you own and e-books that can available to be used, including e-books purchased from Bookstore and e-books shared with you by your teacher. Bookshelf is an independent and personal features no matter you are a school teacher or student user.

2. E-book series

An e-book series refers to a set of e-books containing more than one e-book. Series in Bookstore or Bookshelf is equivalent to a folder in Workplace. The publisher can decide to publish a series of e-books or a single e-book. You have to purchase the full set of e-books when it is a e-book series. RainbowOne currently does not provide the option to separately buy books from a series unless the publisher provides a separate purchase version.