2. E-book Interface

1. E-book interface

  1. Upper right corner 'X' button: Closes the e-book
  2. Bottom left arrowhead: Previous page
  3. Bottom page button: Opens the toolbar
  4. Bottom right arrowhead: Next page

2. Toolbar

  1. Students are free to determine which tools are placed in the toolbar. Click on the bottom page number to open the e-book toolbar; then, click on the right gear icon to choose the tools:
    1. E-Pen: You can write on the page
    1. TOC: Open the table of content of the e-book.
    2. Note: You can write notes on the book.
    3. Bookmark: You can bookmark the page and check the bookmark on the main screen
    4. Glossary: You can see the words that have been added to the glossary.
    5. Online dictionary: Link to online dictionary.
    6. Browser: Open the browser.
    7. Pinyin: If Mandarin phonics shows up on the screen, you can either show or hide them.
    8. Auxiliary mode: This feature is designed for visually impaired user. After opening it, the picture or text touched by the finger or mouse will automatically make a sound.
    9. Read text: After opening any e-book, clicking on any text on the screen will make it be automatically read aloud.
    10. Print: Print the e-book.
    11. Network test: Test the connection speed with RainbowOne server.
    12. Reload: Reload the screen in the event of an unstable Internet connection.
    13. Find: Search the text or vocabulary in the e-book
    14. My report: Show your report which has recorded your total marks 
    15. Answer: Display the predefined answer of each questions
    16. Score(Test): Display your gained score of your answered questions
  2. Settings: 
    1. UI size: adjust the toolbar size. Defaulted value is 1.

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