1. Device Settings

1. General Settings

  1. System:
    1. System version: Check the current version to see if it has been updated
  2. Language:
    1. Voice selection: Set the language of the system interface.
    2. Auxiliary voice: Set the automatic voice of the system.
  3. Display:
    1. Mouse mode: Set whether or not to use the mouse mode
    2. Enable high resolution: It is defaulted as on. If you are using a slower device, turning off this setting will speed up the reaction rate while reducing picture quality.
    3. Adjust the interface size according to the size of the device: Suitable for automatically enlarging the size of interface objects on mobile phones.
    4. Tablet mode: RainbowOne will automatically check the device you are using whether or not to open this mode. After opening this mode, some operations may change depending on the device, such as displaying the tablet computer’s virtual keyboard and the desktop computer’s physical keyboard when entering text. 
    5. Login tabulation method: Choose whether or not to display the (big) avatar or (small) tabulation.

2. Operation Settings

  1. Workplace:
    1. Open the local file: After opening, the Workplace will appear as “local file” on top of the Workplace. You may temporarily store the file in this device. Please note that e-books in the local file cannot be shared or published.
  2. Read e-books:
    1. Enable gesture page turning: After enabling, the page will turn when you swipe your finger across the e-book, but it may also move the interactive components of the e-book.
    2. Use multi-touch: If you are having problems with multi-touch on your device (such as electronic whiteboard), try to turn off this function.

3. Delete Information

  1. Delete local storage: Only media inside this device will be deleted, such as pictures, sounds, etc. It will not delete the e-book records
  2. Delete user’s answers: Delete all answer records of this user. This function will also delete the cloud records at the same time, so please use it carefully.
  3. Delete user’s bookmarks, notes, word library, and learning cards (including cloud records): Delete the user’s bookmarks, notes, word library, and learning card records.