3. How to create Course

1. Create a new Course

To create a new course, press "My Course", then press "+" button at right bottom corner.

2. Basic Information

After press"+", below window will be display, please fill or select below item,

  1. Name, name of the course.
  2. unit name,the name of the unit. For example, P2 Maths.
  3. Subject, please select relevant subject
  4. Mode, there are "In Order Mode" and "All Open Mode". In Order Mode will open books by ascending order depends on student's level.  All Open Mode will release whole set of course to student for learning
  5. Intro, teacher can describe the course briefly

Apart from this, teacher can upload pictures as course cover, course banner or course rank banner, beautify course and make the course visible.

3. Course Structure

Then, press "Structure",

  1. When you enter Structure, press "+" icon at left bottom corner. 
  2. There are two methods to create, which is create by adding "Folder" & "e-book".1. Add by  "Folder"
    1. Press “+”
    2. Select "Folder"
    3. Enter folder name
    4. Create new folder
    5. Press "OK"

    2. Directly choose books from Workspace, 

    1. Press “+” and select "e-book"\
    2. Choose books from Workspace directly
    3. Press "Add" on Right Top Corner
    4. Press "OK"

When you finish adding books, it becomes a Course.

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