2. Quick use (parents/student)

Quick use steps

Firstly install RainbowOne application program to use the electronic textbook of Sharing Mandarin / Sharing Chinese Language,press this to find out details。

1. Log in RainbowOne

2. Open [My Bookshelf]

3. Open the [Volume I] or [Volume II] of the necessary e-book, and then select one

Detailed steps:

1.Start RainbowOne, firstly select system language, and then select [General login] in the Login Window.

2. Input the username and password。

3. Select [My Bookshelf] after entering into the home screen successfully.

4. Select [Download] to download all contents of the e-book in advance. When there is no network, press [Open] to read.

5. Click any e-book in the book list to open it.

6.Open the e-book and do the interactive activities. When you are connected to Wi-Fi and the Internet, all the submitted answers will be synchronized into the Cloud server automatically. You can access the e-books and answers through different devices by same login information.

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