1. Bookshelf

1. Category

  1. All: The system will show all e-books that  have been shared by a teacher.
  2. Free: All e-books shared by your teacher for your own reading.
  3. Homework: All assignments shared by your teachers. Homework can have Today or All Homework categories. Today category is today due assignments shared by your teachers.All Homework category mainly contained all assignments shared by your teachers.The assignments cover had indicated the assignment start date and end date.
  4. Test: All test textbooks shared by your teacher and the test date also appear on the lower part of the textbook.
  5. Exam: All exam textbooks shared by your teacher and the exam date also appear on the lower part of the textbook.
  6. From Bookstore: The system will display the e-books that you have purchased and downloaded from the Bookstore.

2. To use the e-books 

  1. You can pre-download the e-book directly by click the download button on lower left part of the e-book.
  2. The advantage of pre-download an e-book as you can enjoy offline reading.
  3. You can  directly open an e-book by pressing the e-books cover.
  4. If you directly open an e-book, you must be connected to the internet since the program needs to obtain information from the Internet.

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