5. Publish an e-Book(Teachers Only)

1. Prepare before Publishing

Publishing e-books is important for the Open Knowledge Association to accomplish the concept of “creating together, sharing together, and combining together.” When you finish your e-book, you can publish it if you are willing to allow others to edit it.

Before publishing your e-book, ensure that you are the person who owns the copyright of all texts, pictures, photos, sounds, videos, or other links.

  1. Please ensure that your text and media are either original or included in the scope of exemption. You can find more information on the Intellectual Property Department website.
  2. If you have permission to use pictures, photos, sounds, and videos from the public media library of the system with your account payments, you are authorized to use said media.
  3. Some websites do not allow other users to forward their link; in such cases, you can ask the host to make an inquiry.
  4. Please use YouTube videos carefully. The person who uploads the video may not always be the copyright owner. Please find the information about the copyright owner among the information provided by the person who uploads the video.
  5. Regarding exemption from the Copyright Ordinance in the accredited education institution in Hong Kong, please visit the Intellectual Property Department website.

 2. Publish an e-Book

  1. You can only publish your e-book in Cloud File-Sharing.
  2. Select “e-Book” and press “Publish” in the right column.
  3. Your e-book will be copied to “Institute Publishing” and separately managed from the original file. Revisions that you make in the original file will not be seen in the published e-book; therefore, you can continue revising your original file.
  4. Once you decide to publish, you will also need to enter:
    1. Title of the e-book: The title that will appear in the Bookshop.
    2. Classification: It will be classified according to studies.
    3. Ages: This is convenient for age searches.
    4. Keyword: These keywords can be searched in the Bookshop.
    5. Price and Authorization: If your e-book is free, all users can get it. Only specific users can publish a paid e-book.
    6. You can decide whether users will be allowed to edit your file. If you select “Edit (Not Republished)”, users can download your e-book and edit it in Workplace, but they cannot republish it.
  5. Please enter a description so that users can clearly understand the content of your e-book.
  6. Ensure that the content of your e-book complies with Hong Kong’s copyright regulations.
  7. You must agree to and accept the “Publishing Terms.”
  8. If you publish a series of e-books (publish a folder), you can only set up your publishing information in this series (folder), including price and other information.

3. Review Process

When you correctly enter the information required by the system, your e-book will then enter the following stages: 

  1. Review: When your e-book is in the review process, you will be unable to update it or correct any content. You can only cancel publishing. The Open Knowledge Association is responsible for the review process and will decide which e-books can be published according to such factors as copyright, law, and suitability for educational purposes. The Open Knowledge Association owns all rights of e-book publishing and has the right to prevent any improper e-book to be published.
  2. Published: Congratulations! Your e-book has been successfully reviewed and published. All users can now find your e-book in the Bookshop.
  3. Failedl: Your e-book does not pass the review for some reasons. You can press “Review Record” in the right-hand column to see those reasons.

 4. Delete Publication

  1. If you would like to delete an e-book that you have published, select “Publish” on the top to see all records.
  2. Select the e-book you want to stop being published, press the three dots button on the right side and select “Delete Publication.”
  3. Currently, you can only delete the e-books that you have published. An updated function will be added in the future.
  4. Be aware that selecting “Delete Publication” will not delete any downloaded or purchased e-books but will only delete the e-book from the Bookshop list.

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