1. Platform Overview

About RainbowOne

RainbowOne is a one-stop e-learning system that can be used on a number of mobile devices, including iPad, Android, Windows and Mac.

RainbowOne is divided into four major areas: producing e-books, sharing, attending class and data analysis.

RainbowOne’s e-book production model offers a number of different components, including the most basic texts, artworks, photos, sounds and videos, as well as various problem components, including multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, connection questions, seven kinds of drag-and-drop questions, Q&A, handwritten questions, photography questions, recording questions etc. Furthermore, it provides other auxiliary components, such as browser, Google Maps, embedded YouTube videos, mind maps, different subject components etc. In the future, different modules and design templates will continue to be introduced to help you create different types of interactive e-books and e-learning materials, such as textbooks, homework, exercises, story books, study cards, teaching kits, magazines, reading journals, etc

You can share your finished e-books or e-learning materials with designated student groups in the school through the “Labels” system. We also encourage you to share your e-books with others outside of your school. Shared e-learning materials will be placed in the “Bookshop.” The “Bookshop” also provides e-books from the Open Knowledge Association and other publishers. Students can find e-learning materials that they shared with others through the “Bookshelf,” or they can purchase their favorite e-books from the “Bookshop” themselves.

Teacher can conduct teaching online with students’ devices. After connecting, the teacher can synchronize to read the pages of an e-book that the students read and carry out various classroom interactions, including interactive exercises, submission of answers and feedback, voting, student management, black screen, etc.

Teachers can also check students’ grades through the system. The system also provides real-time statistics to allow the teacher to have a better understanding of student’s ability. All data will be sent to the cloud, and the results can also be viewed after school.

About RainbowStar

RainbowStar is sponsored by the HSBC 150th Anniversary Charity Program and built on the new e-learning platform of RainbowOne. The full name of the program is an “E-Learning for for Special Education” in conjunction with the establishment of “E-Learning for Inclusive Education” (ELFIE), which commenced in September 2016 and will last for three years. During this period, more than 500 e-textbooks of different subjects will be published for the platform in order to build richer and more complete functions for the platform. The aim is to establish an e-learning resource library of “creating together, sharing together and combining together.” Please refer to our latest news ror more detailed information

About Open Knowledge Association

RainbowOne and RainbowStar are being developed by the Open Knowledge Association while incorporating the philosophy of “creating together, sharing together and combining together” initiated by the Open Knowledge Association.

www.openknowledge.hk。” The Open Knowledge Association is aimed “to provide equal learning rights and opportunities to students of all social status, races, and ages for an inclusive society where information can be more easily “shared” and disseminated. The prerequisite is e-teaching materials that are available to share. Therefore, the Open Knowledge Association is fully committed to develop the RainbowOne e-book platform to help teachers “co-create” e-teaching materials to achieve “combining together” after “creating together and sharing together. Please visit www.openknowledge.hk.” for more information about the vision and philosophy of Open Knowledge Association.

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