2. Operation Process

1. Process Used by Teachers and Students

Teacher :

  1. Establish “labels” for student users and designated students (the attributed group) under “User ID and Label” and match up the student groups.
  2. Produce an e-book in the “Workplace” or obtain an e-book from the “Bookshop” authorized by the author that has been permitted to be downloaded and edited.
  3. Select an e-book and “share” with the students with designated labels
  4. Connect the devices of the teacher and students online to “Class” to perform class interaction, check students’ answers, and provide real-time feedback.
  5. Only the teacher may use the “Workshop” to create e-books.


  1. Find out the teacher’s “shared” e-book in “My Bookshelf.”
  2. Buy a free or paid e-book in the “Bookshop” and open it in “My Bookshelf.”
  3. Or click “Class” to connect your device with the teacher to perform online class interaction and submit answers to the teacher. The system will perform real-time checks (limited to questions with fixed answers).

Teachers and students can use other features in the system, including online dictionaries, notes, bookmarks, etc.

2. How to Get RainbowOne

3. Update RainbowOne

RainbowOne’s updates are categorized into two types: general updates and mandatory updates. You can skip general updates, but if a major update is available, you must update before using RainbowOne. It is recommended that you always update RainbowOne to the latest version.

  1. iPad/Android: After opening the App, the system will automatically check for updates and will then download the updates. Please open the App again after completing download and installation.
  2. Windows/Mac: Each time you start the program, it will automatically be updated.

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