1. Text category (general text, textbook text and pinyin text)

1. General Text

Normal text can be set in different formats.

Text height:

  1. Automatic height: The user can freely adjust the width of the text box, and the system will automatically adjust the height of the text box.
  2. Multi-line automatic: The system will automatically adjust both the height and the width of the text box according to the size of the text contents

2. Textbook Text

Textbook text can provide more tools than normal text, the toolbar will appear on the right of the text box. You can add a audio file to textbook text or play the audio automatically or even set the text direction. The user can zoom in and out, enlarge the text to full screen, print or share through e-mail.

Text sounds:

  1. Audio file: Play the mp3 audio file you have uploaded. You can upload and select mp3 files in the media library.
  2. System sound: Please read the following section.

3. About System Sound

The system can convert the text into audio file through the audible function of the device. As system sound depends on the operating system of the device, you can edit it on Windows, iOS or Android. Currently, audio files can only be played on iOS system. When using system sound in text components, the pronunciation of each word may not be exactly correct, but you can still correct the words you read. You can change the following settings:

  1. Language: The selecting system will select the language pronunciation according to the operating system of the device. You can also choose other languages.
  2. Speed: The speed at which the text is read.
  3. Tone: Bass to treble.
  4. Reading content: You can edit the content of the text to be read.

4. Pinyin text

Pinyin text is mainly able to produce pinyin automatically, and has the function of the voice of the optional sound and system, as well as the initials, finals or tones that can be labeled.

How to use the pinyin text :

  1. In the 'Language' category, press 'Pinyin Text'.
  2. Edit phonetic text. You can input Chinese characters or paste them from other sources.
  3. After inputting the text, the system will automatically check the built-in font and produce pinyin.
  4. Since some texts have multiple pronunciations, you can modify the pinyin if necessary.
  5. Select the word to be modified, the system will pop up all the pronunciation of this word, you can choose other pronunciation.
  6. You can also select the bottom of the pop-up box "custom", enter the initials, finals and tones.

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