4. Check the Student's Answers

Clicking “Correction” on the teacher’s toolbar will allow the teacher to check the students’ answers. The screen will show the students’ page thumbnails and statistics. Selecting a student will start correction mode.

1. Students’ Answers

The students’ answers are divided into two parts: “Datasheet” and “Statistical Chart” (to be released later).

The “Datasheet” allows the teacher to check the overall performance of students’ answers.

  1. The student list will be displayed on the left, and the students’ responses to each question will be displayed in the middle. Please note that questions without standard answers will only indicate whether or not the student has answered it
  2. Selecting the student’s answer cell and then the eye button will open the page and display the student’s answers, and the teacher can make immediate corrections.

2. Correction Mode

Choosing any student on the student answer screen will open “Correction Mode” and change the toolbar into a correction toolbar. The student’s name will appear on top of the screen, and the left/right keys can be used to switch students. “Tools” and “Correction Pen” appear at the bottom of the page. The corrections made by the teacher will be immediately stored, and the students can instantly see them.

  1. Choose the student
  2. Open the discussion
  3. Add to sharing
  4. Electronic pen
  5. Wipe off the electronic pen
  6. Delete the electronic pen
  7. Reward with stars
  8. The student’s achievement

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