1. User Overview

  All teachers can use the “Users and Labels” function. 

1. Users

The user account is school-based, and each school can hold a certain number of accounts depending on different package. The account is divided into teacher and student users, wherein, the teacher can produce and edit e-books and control the students’ devices in class as the role of teacher, view students’ answers, and make corrections. All user-related data are stored in the cloud, and users can access the data anytime, anywhere

2. Labels

In order to provide more flexibility in grouping, the system uses the user-centric “label” instead of “class” to manage the resources or features that the students can use or easily check their grades. Teachers can set up different “labels” in the system and pair them with different students. One student can hold multiple labels simultaneously, and students can access all e-books under their labels. For example, the teacher can establish a class label “1A” for a student or establish a label for another study group such as “literacy class,” and simultaneously add “1A” and “literacy class” to a certain student so that the teacher can access the e-books from these two groups.

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