2. How to Use Bookstore

1. 7 Sections of Bookstore 

  • Featured:Store Manager recommended e-books
  • New:Newly published e-books
  • Magazine:List all education magazines
  • Category:Search for e-books by category
  • Publisher: Search for e-books by publisher
  • Bookmark:Display all your bookmarked e-books
  • Purchased :Display your purchase history 

    2. How to purchase or get e-books

We encourage teachers and the industry to share e-textbooks in response with the philosophy of Open Knowledge Association to help more students benefit from the concept of “creating together, sharing together, and combining together.”

  1. Most shared e-books are free of charge, including e-books that teachers or schools are willing to share.
  2. Those charged e-books have displayed a "R coins" symbol at the cover, no "R coins" symbol indicated that ebook is free of charge.
  3. You can copy those free e-books to "Purchased" folder by pressing the "Get" button.
  4. If the e-books need to purchase, you can press the "R coin" button to buy. However, make sure you have enough "R coins" to settle the payment.
  5. After pressing the "R coins"  or "Get" button, system will ask you to confirm to buy that e-book or not. Press "OK" to proceed the purchase or "Cancel" to cancel.
  6. You can found those already purchased or acquired e-books at "Purchased" category.

    3. How to get editable e-books

  1. All editable e-books cover have a pen like icon appeared at the right hand corner
  2. Follow Steps mentioned in "2-How to purchase or get e-books" to get the editable e-book or press "To File Manager" button. Afterward, the e-book will copy to File manager for your own editing.
  3. At "Purchased" category, select the e-books and press " To File Manager" button. Afterward, the e-book will copy to File manager for your own editing.

4. Other functions (Bookmark, Purchased, Category, Open, Download )

You can search for e-books in the following ways:

  1. Category : Classified according to Subjects/Age groups/Permissions
  2. Purchased: This area display all e-books you have, whether they were free or not-free.
  3. Bookmark: Beside purchase, you also can bookmark your favorite e-books by pressing the "heart" like button
  4. Open : Open the e-books for reading.
  5. Download : All purchased or acquired e-books can be download to bookshelf. After pressing the "Download" button, system will prompt up a download progress circle to indicate the download progress. If you have downloaded more than 1 e-books, system will then indicate every e-book download status one by one.  You can find the downloaded e-books in my Bookshelf 

5. How to Top up (iOS, (Android, Windows, Mac not yet released))

In RainbowOne, you can buy an e-book with Rainbow (R) currency. You must top up your account before you can use R currency. Currently, each R currency is equivalent to HK$1.

  1. Upon entering the Bookstore, the lower left section will show the amount of R currency you have. Click “Buy” by the side..
  2. Select your top up amount, and then click “OK”. You must also accept the “exchange rate terms.”
  3. Make your payment via iOS:

    1. After selecting the top up amount, the system will ask for your Apple ID’s password
    2. The system will ask for your confirmation.
    3. Once you have confirmed, the system will proceed the top up process.
    4. Regarding the Apple ID payment method, please visit:http://store.apple.com/hk-zh/help/payments

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