FAQ (parents and students)

  1. Why do we have to download the RainbowOne App?

    A: RainbowOne is a one-stop e-book platform which allows teachers to view students’ answers and statistical information. Teachers can have a better understanding and able to analyze and improve student performance. RainbowOne also offers e-book pre-downloading, offline reading, automatic checking of standard question types, synchronizing answer progress between different devices, and other learning tools that help students take advantage of e-learning. RainbowOne will continue to provide more features to meet the requirements.

  2. What should I do if the program cannot be opened after installing the iOS version?

    A: Please remove the program and then download it again from the App Store. Click  here to learn how to install the program.

  3. Can it be used on Windows?

    A: Yes! Just download RainbowOne’s Windows version and then log in using your account. Please click here to download.

  4. Can I share my account to other users?

    A: Your account is authorized only for those who have purchased. The same account cannot log in to RainbowOne at the same time on different devices. If you share your account information to other people, the questions he/she answers will overwrite the original answers, and the original user will not be able to view his/her own answers.