2. Course Interface

Firstly, enter "Course" on main screen.

Panel will display as below,

On Left Panel,
  • When press "All Course" - it will display all courses created by school teachers inside the school 
  • When press "My Course", it will display courses created by you.

On Right Panel,

  • "Course name", named by teacher, to classify subjects and grades. 
  • "Subject",to classify subjects like Chinese, Maths, General Studies etc.
  • "Mode", there are Order & Free mode. "Order" will open books by ascending order depends on student's level, "Free" will release whole set of course to student for learning.
  • "Share to (this year):", to display share to which group of students.

Can change the share setting of the course, for example share to different group of students, it also can edit the setting of the courses.

"Select Button". Once pressed, you could edit delete or archive selected course.

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