2. Create My Charts

In Analysis, teacher can choose by themselves, to conduct specific analysis. For example, I would like to know the performance of class Nobi Nobita and Class Dr. Slump in mathematics subtraction and measure, I can create one my chart to compare. Demonstration as below,

First of all, press "+" button at right bottom corner to create new Chart

Then fill in relevant data in right top corner,

fill the book you want to analyze and compare, e.g. Book (Minus below 10)

Date Range
Fill the day range you want to analyze, it could be one day or a period of time 

Choose the class you want to analyze, if you wan to compare different class, you can select more than one class, sample will select class Nobi Nobita(野比大雄) and Class Dr. Slump(則卷千平)

Select the book you want to analyze, if you want to compare different book, can select more than one book, example will select "Book (Minus below 10)" and "measure"

At last, press "Generate"

After chart generated, you could also choose how to display class and book

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